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puppies were born on September 10, 2010

3 male pups  born on August 16 2005

Born on August 16. 2005 ,from left to right are Double Dot, Collie and Spike. E mail Cal and Cindy. calvinfisher@netzero.net Humboldt County CA

  More Fisher litter Pictures

Barbie and Pups

Born August 2005 email Don mrdducci@cox.net

More Banducci pictures 707-822-6200


Cedarhome Springers is located on five acres in the small community of Arlington, Washington

http://www.nanjay.com We are a small, select kennel thoughtfully breeding English Springer Spaniels for exceptional temperament, soundness, quality, dependability & good health, since 1976.


Welcome to Bondir English Springer Spaniels web site. If you have questions about our dogs, breeding program or the breed in general, please feel free to contact us

English Springer Spaniel Puppies for sale http://www.pupcity.com/puppies-for-sale/english-springer-spaniel.asp

basket full




abby and charlie , Our first English Springer Spaniel

pups sept 2005

English Springer Spaniel - Juli and Gus april 2003

English Springer Spaniel  Juli and pups