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Redwood Matrix no longer host the LCKC website. RedwoodMatrix has provided several non profit startup web sites this web site was started in 1/18/2008 as of June 2013 LCKC will be sponsoring the site. Please take time to save their new site address.

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The English Springer Spaniel is a sporting dog for flushing birds. Charactered by long, drooping ears, a medium to long coat, Females are around 19" tall at the withers, weighing around 40 lbs., and males around 20", weighing about 50 lbs. Black and white, liver and white, or either combination with tan points (tri-colored), with or without ticking (freckles) . Tails are norrmaly docked short.The Springer is an affectionate and easy-going family dog, and its alertness and attentiveness make it the ideal hunting companion. An intelligent dog, moderate to high energy level, hyper active and eager to please, a Springer is easily incorporated into a family setting. Its long legged build makes it among the fastest of the spaniels. It has unlimited stamina and needs plenty of activity, to focus its mind and to provide substantial exercise, although this is different for each dog. Like any breed described as "good with children", a Springer Spaniel must be accustomed to children. Any dog that is not well socialized with children will not behave predictably around them. In general, the breed is good with other pets, such as cats and ferrets. However, some English Springer Spaniels may not be suitable for homes with pet birds without additional training, due to their natural hunting instinct.

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