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The following are a selection of the thousands of internet sites related to gardening. They are organized into categories, arranged in alphabetical order.  Inclusion in this listing is for your convenience and is not an endorsement of their views, products or services over similar, unlisted sites. The relevance, timeliness, or accuracy of the information on these sites is not guaranteed. Note: These links open the external site in a new browser window.

Annuals A-Z: All About Annual Flowers & Plants – by Graham Rice
Growing Annual Flowers – this University of Nebraska Extension Publication discusses using annuals in landscape design, how to select transplants and proper seeding, planting and cultivating methods.
Search Flower Species by Botanical Name – a Finnish site, with links to profiles for most plants with names A-L, remainder just listed.

 Biological Control
Biological Control News – formerly Midwest Biological Control News
Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America – a Cornell Univ. site on biocontrol
Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms in North America – a listing of where to bug good bugs

American Bonsai Society
Bonsai Clubs International – a non-profit educational organization to advance the art of bonsai
Bonsai of the World – hundreds of beautiful pictures to browse
The Bonsai Primer – info for beginners
The Bonsai Site – lots of information about bonsai
Bonsai Tree Care – on the Helpful Gardener website
Internet Bonsai Club – a mailing list dedicated to the art of bonsai
Mid-America Bonsai Alliance – an 8 state organization (including WI) made up of local bonsai clubs and societies
Milwaukee Bonsai Society – find out more about this local organization

 link to Botanic Gardens

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets – check here to figure out what that scientific name means
Flora of Europe: A photographic herbarium 
Flora of North America – a comprehensive set of taxonomic treatments for 21,000 North American plant species and infraspecific taxa
Harvard University Herbaria – includes numerous searchable databases
Internet Directory of Botany
Robert H. Freckmann Herbarium's Plants of Wisconsin
this UW-Stevens Point site includes descriptions, identification guides, maps, photos and more
UConn Plant Database – basic horticulture information for most ornamental plants
USDA Plants Database – a single source of standardized information about plants
The Virtual Foliage Home Page – UW Botany Dept. page links to thousands of plant pictures
Wisconsin Vascular Plants – Wisconsin State Herbarium: University of Wisconsin – Madison

 Bulbs – The home site of the U.S. Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center, the U.S. press office of the Dutch flower bulb industry.
Growing Hardy Bulbs – Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet
International Bulb Society – based in Pasadena, CA (started in 1933 as the Amaryllis Society) 
Narcissus Pests and Diseases – a Clemson University site

 Community Gardening
FEEDs (Food and Ecosystem Educational Demonstration sites) – a UW Extension project which began in Racine County

As the Compost Turns – newsletter (Summer 2000) from the Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center in Green Bay (including info on the WI Master Composter Program) 
The Burrow – a vermicompost information site
The Compost Resource Page 
Composting at Home – from Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Cornell Composting – 
U.S. EPA's Office of Solid Waste Composting – 
The U.S. Composting Council – – 

An Online Guide to Plant Disease Control –  by Oregon State University Extension – database for plant diseases and insects from Oklahoma State University
Illustrated Glossary of Plant Pathology – 
Plant Diseases – articles and pictures of various diseases from Iowa State University Extension
UW-Madison Fruit Pathology – 
UW Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic – 

 Endangered Species
WI State Endangered and Threatened Species – DNR's listings of plants and animals

 Extension Information – Other Universities
Buckeye Yard and Garden Online – Ohio State University
Gardening and Horticulture – University of Minnesota
Horticulture Publications - University of Missouri
Iowa MG Forum – an online forum on a variety of gardening topics organized by Storey Co. MGs
Yard & Garden Solution Series – University of Illinois

“Database of IPM Resources” – Internet IPM Resources on Grapes and Current – links as a collaborative project of several Universities
Kearneysville Tree Fruit Research and Education Center – from West Virginia University, with lots of great info on diseases and insects
Midwest Small Fruit & Grape Net – 
Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook – from Ohio State University
North American Fruit Explorers (NAFEX) – an organization for hard-core hobbyists
North American Strawberry Growers Association – 
Northwest Berry & Grape Information Network – a collaborative effort of Universities in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington
Scaffolds Fruit Journal – published by Cornell University
Strawberry IPM Update – a newsletter from Iowa State
UW Fruit Pathology – 
The Virtual Orchard – 
Wisconsin Apple Grower's Association – 
Wisconsin Berry Grower's Association – 

 Garden Catalogs (see also Nurseries and Seeds, below)
Dutch Gardens – bulbs and perennials for spring and fall planting (may be slow to load)
Garden Guides – lists of online mail order resources organized by category
Irish Eyes with a Hint of Garlic – potatoes, garlic, onions and shallots
Jackson and Perkins – primarily roses, with a few other perennials and supplies
Wayside Gardens – specimens and heirloom varieties of bulbs, perennials, trees, shrubs and more
White Flower Farm – includes helpful growing instructions

 Gardening – General (primarily commercial sites)
Backyard Gardening – lots of garden resources
The Best of Home Gardening – by a Missouri MG
The Cyber-Plantsman – GardenWeb's magazine for the serious gardener
Eureka Gardening Collection – focuses on daylilies, iris, and hosta, providing info on carefully selected gardening books and nurseries across the US in its quarterly EurekaEmail Gardening Newsletter.
Fine Gardening Online – 
GardenGuides Links – connects to many other websites
Garden Net – oldest garden network with a massive list of links
Garden Web – has many gardening forums – ask gardening questions of the garden doctor, design your own garden with the garden planner, buy seeds, plants, and tools on-line, or read about gardens trends in Garden Escape magazine.
The Gardener's Guide to Finding Answers on the Web – 
The Gardener's Network– 
Gardener’s Reading Room – Connect to magazine, catalog, and book sites.
The Gardening Launch Pad – link to lots of other sites
Gardentown – 
The Green Gardener –  
Good Gardening Links – on The Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association website
The Helpful Gardener - authored by an instructor from the MG program at UConn in Connecticut
Hort Digest – e-zine, mainly about tropicals or indoor plants (primarily Floridian authors)
Horticulture Magazine – – Betrock's International Horticultural Network site
Indoor Gardening Archives – 
mySeasons (Garden Solutions) – gardening ideas, Q&A's and a large selection of horticultural products
Northern Gardener – by Minnesota MG Terry Yockey –  sells organic products for gardening
PLANTS Magazine –  
Plant Swap – a free site for gardeners to organize community plant swaps
Renegade Gardener – "A lone voice of horticultural reason for USDA Zones 2 through 4" (by a MN MG)
Seasons by Rebecca – 
Urban Agriculture Notes – by City Farmer, a Canadian organization
Virtual Garden – 
WebGarden – Ohio State University's "horticulture and crop science in virtual perspective"
The Weedpatch Gazette – fine plant and garden quarterly for the upper Midwest 

 Garden Supplies
Arizona Biological Control (ARBICO)
Gardens Alive –  
Gardener's Supply Co. – 
McKay Nursery Online Garden Center –  with over 250 popular gardening products
Kinsman Co. – 

Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Index – Purdue University's Center for New Crops & Plants Products – The Homepage of A Modern Herbal
Henriette’s Herbal Homepage – 
Herb Society of America – 
HerbMaven – dedicated to the education and growing of culinary herbs, scented geraniums and edible flowers.
Herbs – The Pennsylvania State University
International Herb Association – 
St. Louis Herb Society
University of Washington’s Medicinal Herb Garden – 

 Houseplants and Exotic Plants
The African Violet Society of America, Inc.
The Amateur's Digest: Cactus, Succulents, Caudiciforms – 
American Gloxinia & Gesneriad Society – for African Violet enthusiasts (and other related plants)
American Hibiscus Society – focused on the tropical types, with headquarters in Florida
The British Cactus and Succulent Society – 
Bromeliad Society International
The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall – links to numerous other sites
Cactus and Succulent Society of America –  
The Cyclamen Society – this informative British site has essays on culture and related topics
Epiphyllum Society of America – devoted to this specific type of tropical cactus with huge flowers
International Carnivorous Plant Society
The Tropical Hibiscus: Queen of the Tropics – American Hibiscus Society site

Association for Butterflies – promotes butterflies through conservation, research, releases and butterfly gardens
Biological Control News – formerly Midwest Biological Control News
Crop-Net: Insect Identification – listing of mainly crop pests with links to information and/or photos – database for plant diseases and insects from Oklahoma State University
Entomology on the World Wide Web – 
Insect Diagnostic Lab – UW Entomology Dept's, includes fact sheets
Insect Identification Laboratory at Virginia Tech – fact sheets, slide shows, photos, and control information, but remember not all is applicable to Wisconsin
Insects on WWW – lots of links to useful sites
Pest Information – extensive information provided by the USDA's Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS) & National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS)

 Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
IPM Access – a networking and information service website of the IPM Practitioners Association
Integrated Pest and Crop Management – UW site on IPM geared to production agriculture
Integrated Pest Management – Michigan State University site geared to production agriculture
IPM for Teachers Curriculum - Weeds – by Penn State IPM program

 Invasive Species
Center for Invasive Plant Management – housed at Montana State University
Canadian Botanical Conservation Network: Invasive Plants – a compilation of information on the biology, distribution and control of invasive exotic plants
IPAW – Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin
Noxious Weeds and Invasive Non-native Plants – an Eastern Region USDA-Forest Service listing
Weeds Gone Wild - information on the threat and impacts of invasive alien plants in the U.S.
Wildland Invasive Species Program – The Nature Conservancy site, with extensive summaries of selected species
WI DNR Invasive Plants of the Future: Nipping 'em in the Bud! – resources on new invasive plants likely to become serious problems
WI DNR Invasive Species – information, programs and links relating to native and non-native plants and animals
WI DNR Invasive Species Photo Gallery: Native Plant Species That Can be Aggressive
WI DNR Invasive Species Photo Gallery: Non-Native Plant Species

 Lakes and Other Waterways
Shoreland Restoration – 

Landscape Vision – a commercial landscape design software company
SULIS = Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series –  A University of Minnesota site

 Lawns – 
Greater Madison Healthy Lawn Team – describes organic lawn care practices
Lawn Talk – University of Illinois fact sheets on lawn care
National Turgrass Evaluation Program – 
Purdue Turfgrass Program – 
Turfgrass Links – on the Plant Pathology Internet Guide Book site
Turgrass Disease Diagnostics Lab – at the UW's O.J. Noer Turfgrass Research Facility
What Turf is Best for Your Lawn? – the best choices of grass for Wisconsin PDF file

Backyard Conservation Tip Sheets – by the Natural Resources Conservation Service/USDA
Phenology - ATTRA site, with info and lots of links
Tom Volk's Fungi – 

 Native Plants and Landscaping (see also Wildflowers, below)
Landscaping with Native Plants – on the Minnesota DNR website
Native Plant Nurseries and Restoration Consultants in Wisconsin – on the Wisconsin DNR website
Native Plants – a forum on Garden Web offers questions, answers and discussions
Minnesota Native Plant Society – 
Shoreland Restoration – 
Wild Ones Natural Landscapers, Ltd.  – a non-profit organization
Wisconsin Naturalist Program – similar to the MG program, but pertains to maintaining ,creating, and restoring native habitats.

 Northern Gardening
Northscaping – a resource, entertainment and community web site helping northerners create beautiful gardens and landscapes!

 Nurseries and Garden Centers
Avant Gardens – a specialty nursery devoted to fine and rare plants
Bailey Nurseries – located in Minnesota, Oregon and Washington
Breck's – mainly bulbs, but other perennials, too
Chesterfield Dahlia Farm – thousands of florist-quality dahlia tubers for home gardening; free pricelist, or order online.
Collector's Nursery – mail-order nursery specializing in uncommon perennials, conifers, and shrubs
Glasshouse Works – unusual plants, including tropicals, subtropicals, succulents
Graham's Hardy Plants – a small nursery specializing in rare and choice alpine plants
Gurney's Seeds
Johannsen's Greenhouses  – a local nursery in Madison
Jungs – find the nearest Jung garden center
McKay Nursery Company  – based in Waterloo, WI
Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. - – offers trees, shrubs, perennials; also a gardening Q&A library and gardening-related resources
The Nursery Network – limited number of commercial nurseries, by state
Oregon Exotics Nursery – exotic fruits, nuts, vegetables, new crops for the north
Plant Delights Nursery – an international mail order firm specializing in unusual perennials
Prairie Nursery – mail order wildflower and native grass seeds and plants
The Primrose Path – shade plants for every need
Read's Creek Nursery – huge selection of perennials and woody plants
Rich's Foxwillow Pines Nursery – specializing in garden conifers and rare trees
Shady Oaks Nursery – plants for shady places
Spring Hill Nursery – with special Step-By-Step gardens
Thistledown Greenhouses – near Green Bay, specializing in uncommon garden plants, with a very large selection of succulents and cacti
Tiny Treasures Nursery – rare plants from unusual places intended for miniature railroad gardens, bonsai, container gardening, trough gardening
Wayside Gardens – plants and garden supplies
White Flower Farm – high end, quality plants

The Orchid Mall – 
The Orchid Photo Page – hundreds of orchid flower pictures 
Orchid Web – the American Orchid Society website
Orchids of Wisconsin – UW site covering native and naturalized orchids of Wisconsin
SACRO - Save Costa Rican Orchids –  a private non‑profit organization, created to help save native Costa Rican orchids

 Organic Gardening
Organic Consumers Association – 
Organic Farming Research Institute –  
Organic Gardening Magazine –  
Organic Trade Association – 
Rodale Institute – 

 Organizations – General
American Horticultural Society – 
The American Horticultural Therapy Association – 
American Society for Horticultural Science – 
Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research – 
International Society of Arboriculture – 
National Gardening Association – 
New Ornamentals Society – New Plant Page
Plant Conservation Alliance – 

American Bamboo Society
The American Dahlia Society – 
The American Fern Society
American Fuchsia Society
The American Hemerocallis Society: An International Daylily Society – 
American Iris Society – 
American Primrose Society
The Historic Iris Preservation Society –  
International Clematis Society – 
International Geranium Society – 
North American Dianthus Society – 
North American Lily Society – 
Perennial Gardening on the Prairies (from Regina, SK, Canada)
Perennial Plant Association – 
Perennial Web – 
Perry’s Perennial Pages – University of Vermont
Seed Germination Database, Perennials – extensive listing of specific environmental requirements by species
Wisconsin Regional Lily Society – affiliated with the national society (NALS)
World Iris Association – 

 Pest Control
Benner’s Gardens Virtually Invisible Deer Fencing - a commercial site selling fencing
Biological Control News – formerly Midwest Biological Control News
Radcliffe’s World Textbook of Pests Key Pests - WWW Links – University of Minnesota site with links to info on a limited number of specific insects, diseases and weeds

General Use Pesticide Guide for Ornamentals – by Ohio State University Extension; designed for MGs who work with the general public PDF file
National Pesticide Information Center – a cooperative project by Oregon State Univ. and the EPA
Wisconsin Pesticide Applicator Training Program – University of Wisconsin program to become a certified pesticide applicator

Phenology, The Study Of Nature’s Cycles Of Life
Phenology Web Links –  on the ATTRA website
US National Phenology Network – 
WDATCP Wisconsin Pest Bulletin – updated weekly during the growing season
WI-MN Cooperative Extension Agricultural Weather Page’s European corn borer page – for day degrees throughout the two states each season
Wisconsin Phenological Society

 Plant Propagation
International Plant Propagators Society, Inc.
Plant Propagation – the online version of the chapter from the Ohio State University Extension MG manual covering all aspects of propagation
Plant Propagation: An Overview of Asexual Reproduction – from Texas A&M University, covers mainly grafting
Plant Propagation by Stem Cuttings: Instructions for the Home Gardener – North Carolina State University Horticulture Information Leaflet 8702
Propagation – 308 links to others sites on related topics on the Purdue Landscape and Nursery Thesaurus site (intended for professional landscapers and commercial nursery growers)

 Prairie Plants
Midwest Prairies – 
The Prairie Enthusiasts – 
Prairie Frontier – wildflower & prairie grass seeds

 Rock Gardening
The Alpine Garden – 
The Alpine Garden Society, UK – 
The North American Rock Garden Society – 

The American Rose Society – 
Buck Rose Web Site – 
The Canadian Rose Society – 
Our Rose Garden Mail Order Sources – listing by University of Illinois Extension
The Rosarian – 
The Rose Resource – All-America Rose Selections – 
Roses: Everything Roses – 
Timeless Roses – 

American Meadows, Inc. – primarily wildflower seeds
Angelgrove Tree Seed Co. – seeds for flowering trees, shade trees, Japanese maples, rugosa roses and bonsai trees.
Burpee – get a catalog, place an order, or take a virtual tour of the Burpee Trial Gardens
The Cook's Garden – seeds and supplies for kitchen gardeners
eSeeds – a clearinghouse for several seed companies; unusual varieites
Ferry Morse – vegetable, flower and herb seeds, supplies, and information
Floribunda Seeds – specializing in old varieties of flowers
Gurney's Seeds and Nursery Co. – 
Henry Fields Seed & Nursery Co. – since 1892
International Seed Saving Institute –  
Johnny's Selected Seeds – vegetable, medicinal and culinary herb, and flower seeds
Jung Seed – request a catalog or order online
Nichols Garden Nursery – herbs and rare seeds
Park Seed Co. – shop the online store or request a catalog
Pinetree Garden Seeds – vegetables and flower seeds, garden products
Seed Germination Database – 
Seed Savers Exchange –  specializes in heirloom seeds 
Seeds of Change – certified organic seeds, bulbs, and plants
Shepherd's Garden Seeds – offers many interesting collections and mixtures as well as less common varieties 
Stokes Seeds – vegetable, herb, and flower seed 
Territorial Seeds – organic seed for vegetables, flowers, herbs and cover crops
Thompson & Morgan – English seed company with many unusual offerings

 Shade Plants
American Fern Society – 
The American Hosta Society  – (rather slow to load)
The Hosta Network – 
The Hosta Patch – a commercial nursery in Illinois
Welcome to Shade Serenade – a huge listing of hosta cultivars in alphabetical order or by leaf size of color, or by registration

 Shoreland Management / Restoration
Wisconsin Shoreland Restoration
Wisconsin Shorelands: Landscaping for Water Quality and Wildlife Habitat in Wisconsin – a UW Extension site
Wisconsin's Shoreland Management Program – a DNR site

Soils Online – links to numerous soil science sites
UW-Madison Soil & Plant Analysis Laboratory –  
World Wide Soil Jumpstation – links to numerous sites with soil management information

 Trees and Shrubs
American Conifer Society – 
National Arbor Day Foundation – 
Hazard Tree Publication – list of links
International Lilac Society, Inc. – 
International Palm Society – based in Lawrence, Kansas!
International Society of Arboriculture – 
Rhododendron Species Foundation – 
Tree Care Consumer Information – a series of bulletins by the International Society of Arboriculture 
University of Minnesota Forest Resources Extension

USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area Urban & Community Forestry Resources – lists links to a wide variety of community forestry resources produced by a number of organizations and agencies

Fresh Market Wisconsin –  The University of Wisconsin Fresh Market Vegetable Program's website to present research and extension activities related to vegetables grown for fresh market
The Vegetable IPM Update – 

 Water Gardening
The Aquatic Gardeners Association – focused more on aquatic plants for aquariums than ponds
Garden Ponds 101 – information on pond types, equipment and maintenance
International Water Lily and Water Gardening Society –   
The Internet Pond Society – 

Common Weed Seedlings of Michigan – Michigan State University extension bulletin
Database of IPM Resources (DIR), Internet Resources on Weeds & Their Control – lots of links
Intriguing World of Weeds – 
New Jersey Weed Gallery – photos and facts by Rutgers University
Weed Identification – a University of Illinois web-based interactive key
Weed Science Society of America – 
WSSA Photo Gallery – pictures of many plants that are common to North America
Weed Seedling ID – a web version of a slide set developed at Iowa State University
The Weedometer  – phenological information on selected weeds by UW-Madison's Agronomy Department
Weeds of the North Central States – a detailed NCR Publication, with descriptions, line drawings, and distribution maps.

National Wetlands Inventory – US Fish & Wildlife Service
Wetlands – extensive general information on the US EPA site
Wetlands in the Great Lakes Region – on the Great Lakes Information Network website
Wetlands International
Wisconsin Wetlands – on the DNR website
Wisconsin Wetlands Association
Wisconsin's Wetlands – a listing of resources and links to information about restoration and regulations

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – formerly the National Wildflower Research Center
Orchids of Wisconsin – an interactive flora
Wildflowers – a Garden Web site

 Wildlife Gardening
Backyard Wildlife Habitat™ – a National Wildlife Federation program
Butterflies of North America  – this extensive website provides distribution maps, photos of both adults and caterpillars (when available), individual species accounts containing information on size, identifying characteristics, life history, flight, caterpillar hosts, adult food, habitat, species range, conservation status, and management needs, and species checklists for each county in the U. S. and state in northern Mexico.
The Butterfly Website – learn about butterflies, how to plant a butterfly garden, and much more
The Hummingbird Website – 
Landscaping to Attract Birds – text from a US Fish & Wildlife Service pamphlet
National Wildlife Federation's Backyard Wildlife Habitat™ – 
Principles for Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat – a University of Maine fact sheet
Wildlife Gardening – 
Wildlife Habitat  – a Backyard Conservation tip sheet by the Natural Resources Conservation Service/USDA
Wildscape to Attract Wildlife to Your Landscape – a Texas site

 Wisconsin Agencies
Agricultural Research Stations  – about the stations in Wisconsin
West Madison Agricultural Research Station – lots of info on their plants and research, including the Horticulture Research and Demonstration Gardens
Turgrass Extension - at UW-Madision
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)
     Home Page – 
     Pest Bulletin – 
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
     Wisconsin's Shoreland Management Program – 
     Urban and Community Forestry – 

 Youth Gardening – National Gardening Association's projects and information on gardening with children
National Junior Horticultural Association –  
    Print a scanned version of their brochure: page 1; page 2



A Listing of Wisconsin Gardening Clubs, Societies and Public Gardens



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